Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Cat's Gotta Do...

Wow, what a week it's been. Firstly I've finally mapped out my territory at Paw's Place and let me tell you, it's quite a fair acreage - I've bagged at least ten of the neighbouring gardens as well as ours. There's a dog or two resident in these but I tend to leap from hut roof to hut roof when I check those particular patches. BTW Paw has asked me to point out that this is NOT his crummy old shed I'm leaning against although he did get the neighbour to patch some wood on the window in case I went investigating in there and didn't return. As if I'd be so stupid, or so nosey even...

So anyways, this is me in action. As you can see I have very balletic movements:

Can you see me here? This is my favourite hiding space. Muttie can never find me in here when she's screeching for me to come in...hee, hee:

And, at the end of a hard day's territorial tramping well, a kitty needs his rest...

Anyways, other stuff this week - I received a Beautiful Blogger Award (thank you Auntie Diane). Course I'm surprised I haven't received one before now. Let's face it, my insights into feline activity are pretty incisive.
As is the way of these things I've listed below seven of the blogs I like to read during the two hours of the day when I'm not dozing or giving it full ZZZzzzzzz's:

She's funny and keeps Muttie motivated (no mean feat!) diane parkin
She's very witty and often makes Muttie giggle In a Bun Dance
A great, informative blog for writers Stony River
One I wish Muttie would follow more closely Frugal Queen
A blog that sparks (or in her case 'nudges' the creative writer in Muttie) Strictly Writing
This is such a nice 'feel good' site E Myself and I
And finally, check out the photos of the Australian Outback: Diary of Smudge and Spider

So, that's enough for today folks. The skinny-assed one better get writing and earn some cash for more Dreamies.

Yours in whip-cracking mode,

Milt the Meanie xx


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Milt, very kind of you and glad Muttie enjoys it too! Happy ZZZZ

  2. Congrats on your award Milt, you deserve it. I just met another Dogger Blogger who you'd probably want to follow.
    Its The Owners sister who has joined and put her dog (Ellie) on, I guess they wanted to experience the joy of blogging!! They own the caravan down near the beach, so they should (hopefully) post some wonderfully boootiful pics!

    Frankie x

  3. Hello Milton..Or can I call you Milt?
    Your award is beautiful, very nice! May I just say, you have VERY very good balancing skills..If I tried that I;d fall to the floor. It's hard to balance when you've got such long legs!

    Ellie x
    P.S - Can I just say, your Ok...For a cat. ;)

  4. Congrats on your award Milton :). You totally deserve it. I absolutely love your pictures. You have so much grace when you walk on the fence. xoxo

  5. Hey Milt Buddy great pics..You deserve that award..your balancing skills are almost as good as Moi..and i love that Den in the tree..what a shame we cant make them soundproof as well !!..I hate that shreik they get in their voices when they can't locate us..sometimes i grudgingly go home..just so she doesn't show me up by yelling like a Banshee all up the garden..makes me feel like an idiot..and some of the guys start to giggle when i pass them....but NOT for Long !!..keep the pics coming Milt buddy.

  6. Aw, thanks folks for the good wishes :) And yes, I am pretty good at balancing, eh? I was asked to audition for Cats a couple of years ago but you know, I'm not into all that self-promotion. You know what I'm saying?...

    And Auntie Joy - tell me about that high velocity shriek! Even Paw goes cowering...

    Milt x

  7. Milt:

    Congratulations to you!!! A well-deserved award. Love the pictures of you walking the fence too. Keep up the good work pal. I'm proud of you.


  8. Aw, thanks Max. I'm always intrigued as to your adventures. Unfortunately Glasgow doesn't offer such openings...xx

  9. Thanks for the comments on my blog, the OZ outdoors is an amazing place. Congrats on the award.

  10. Congratulations on the award. Great photos - you look lovely.

  11. Thanks Auntie Suzanne and Auntie Kaz :). You do know you're two of my fav bloggers (sook, sook) M xx

  12. Wowee Milt, I had no idea you were so popular. Hats off. Is that your paw's crummy old shed you're leaning against btw?

  13. Hi Auntie Shaz, yeah my notoriety is spreading...And no, that's the neighbour's shed. Actually I'm surprised it's still standing. It's a good place to stand on top off tho, to survey my territory. x

  14. Well congrats on your award Mr M the M and thanks very much for mine. Ahh. I'm just about to pin it up on the ol' blog wall. x

  15. Wow, Milt! What a slave driver! But, I'm sure it's for her own good. C

  16. Oh, believe me Auntie C, she'll reckon it is. And I luv yur blog. I reckon there's a whole novel in there...

    Miltonian x

  17. Awww Milton, aren't you a beauty!

    And yes very balletic and well hidden in your favourite patch!

    Hope you are having a lovely spring weekend!

    take care


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