Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Truth is out there....

"Absolutely, NO WAY!!" the Big M declared, in her usual resolute fashion.
     Oh, I think you'll find 'way.'
     "We are absolutely not wasting this cheque for $25 on a mountain of Dreamies." (treats to you and me)    
     This is most unfair, of course. The reason she has that bleeding cheque in the first place is 'cos she prostituted a 'cute' photo of me to a woman's magazine (which, at this stage shall remain nameless, altho when the photos are out obviously I'll paste it up for you to drool over). She then went on to make up this story to the journalist about me being all lovey-dovey and a devoted pet. Gads, if only they knew the half of it...
     In terms of 'veritas' I'd say the Muttie woman is on a very sticky wicket...


  1. Ooooh, Milton - you mean you're gonna be a star? Which magazine? When? The breath is bated.

  2. Auntie Shaz, 'scuse me, but I already AM a star. My blog's gone international, you know. And as for the mag well, my whiskas are knotted. Not a word until publication! xx

  3. LoL..i do LOVE your blog Milton xxx


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