Sunday, 28 March 2010


I can barely bring myself to write this...

My concentration hasn't been too hot today. Frankly, I've been worrying myself sick - which isn't like me as I tend to be more of a "take what life throws at you" kind-of-a-kittie. However, today would have sent any 'feline with feeling' scurrying up the nearest tree, I reckon.

So why am I so moody? Well, I found out where Maw and Paw went this afternoon. They were trying to keep it secret but I checked her Netbook when they left and the latest website she'd looked up was oh...this is really hard for me to say...The Dddddddddog Trust. The only conclusion I can come to is that they're thinking of getting a puppy!!! Yes, my cat pals out there, this is dire straits indeed....

I stayed in all afternoon contemplating their return and had actually packed my knapsack with a view to fleeing the nest (I could live on titbits from KFC and maybe hang out in Sophia's home for a bit I reckoned).  Still, they returned at 5pm minus any canine accoutrement. Obviously they've done the Dog v Cat bit and the cat (as always, hee, hee) wins. Well, let's face it, we're so much cuter, independent and er...better at catching mice?

Anyhows, CHEERS!! my feline friends. Victory is ours!!

Milt the truely Magnificient xx

PS No offence, like, Frankie and Hobbs!


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Milt. Dogs are no laughing matter indeed. If it all hits the fan and you need a place to doss down, reassess your priorities and bring the ceiling of guilt crashing down on your parents' heads, know that you can take refuge here. It's a cross-border jaunt but I'll email you the map/timetables, just let me know.

  2. Hahaha. Non Taken Milt.

    Well, theres no puppy for now... But maybe outta the blue your Maw and Paw will come back with a puppy.
    If they're gone for a while and you hear yapping noises, be worried. Theres a lot of paperwork anyway, I'd say your safe for about 12 days or so, maybe more.

    Dogs are not so easy to look after - Walks and everything. If your Maw and Paw do get a pup, I'm sure that they wont put the pup before you. Your such a charmer!

    Frankie x

  3. The battle may be yours, but the war will be ours! They're probably just lulling you into a false sense of security... who wouldn't prefer a dog to a filthy cat? Grrrr.

  4. Er yeah, Auntie Shaz...can you send me your address.

    As for Frankie and Ronnie. Ha, there'll be no dogs in this household...I have really cool claws...miooooooow

  5. Miow indeed.
    But dogs will probably rule the world one day.
    And thanks for that idea of running away - You know you and me... To escape the puppiness. :D

    Frankie x

  6. Thank you Auntie Carole :) Milt x

    The Owner say that thing you put - About dogstrust!
    She's taking the daughter NEXT WEEK! Not to like the Glasgow one, but to the Kenilworth one.... DAMN! DAMN DAMN DAMN! GrRrRR! I need a plan.. WORLD DOMINATION! Nahhh, maybe just small plan to kind of talk her out of it, but he seems very umm.... Relentless! She is not giving up. her daughter is like happy too, so maybe they will bring back a dog. I said maybe. maybe they wont. Maybe they will. The owner has been there before, so she knows her way around. :| *shake* I am panicking. Breath Frankie, breath, breath..... Pheewwww, any tips Milt? Then we can get through this together!

  8. Milton buddy,i have 'borrowed' HER computer, while she's out shopping..(hope she remembers those tasty treats i'm nearly out of)..but back to business..she wants to get one of those pesky hounds as well..what gets into them when they get past 60 ??..she's got 4 of us cute kitties here..and she wants to spoil the happy home by bringing home a smellie 4 legged canine Mutt!!..honest buddy me and the guys will probably leave home if this happens..we are making plans as i speak..just in case, i'm glad it worked out for you Milt, but they can be crafty, especially the Females..keep this address handy, in case she changes her mind..if she does..E-mail me & come and join us..there is safety in numbers and we can form our own gang..the 'magnificent 5'..remember Milt are never alone..Bailey and Moses..signing off for now..P.S.ignore her name on here...its just for soon Milt..meeooww

  9. Fun blog!! Thanks for visiting my corner of Blogger and following. Looking forward to do the same for you!

  10. Baily and Moses - you guys are another lifeline. Thank you so much!! And there's FOUR of you? Wow. The human must have a hard-time spoiling you all. I mean do you ALL get Morning Cuddles?! x

    Aunty Nicole - I luv your blog. x

  11. You won a Beautiful Blogger award, Milt. :o) Hop on over to my place to take a look.

  12. Hi Milt Buddy..managed to sneak on here while SHE is out in the garden...Yeah there are 4 of us..but the other two are eerrmmmmm Female, The old girl os ok. (Jacey)she goes along with anything we say...just to keep the peace !..but she's 17 now so just wants an easy life..but the other one LADY !! What a name for her that is..i tell you buddy she aint NO lady...she is one stroppy, angry, feline female..who really tries to Rule the 'gang' and we sort of leave her alone if she is in one of her moods...the Mrs said she is 'hormonal' that what they call it !!!..i just call her one tough stroppy son of a **T**..Moses is a bit scared of her on the quiet as well, but he will never admit to that, (you know what these young guys are like)....but then she decides to be all feminine and sweet and tries to cuddle up to us...i tell you Milt we aint having NONE of that..but if we join you guys..i know she would want to be there..especially if.... dare i say the word 'DOG'...(ouch i hate even saying that word) was to join the family ??..yes Ma does give us all loads of cuddles and loves..and We act the know what i'm saying..we Puurr and fuss around her...well a guys gotta do what a guys gotta get well fed and looked after dont we...I am thinking of setting up my own blog..if i can manage iot without her (Ma ) look out for it..thn we can keep in touch without using her blog....dont want her to mknow what we are contemplating..IF she brings a Mutt home..mind you she as been a bit quiet about it maybe she as got some sense after all....any way Milt Buddy..we will keep in touch very soon..Take Care..Bailey, Moses and Lady (shes peering over my shoulder demanding to be included), and Jacey signing off...take care..meeeooow

  13. Buddy! My er, Buddy...lovely to hear from you. Wow, four kitties eh? All those personalities and the fights for Dreamies!

    I don't like the sound of that Lady. Watch her, will you? For your sakes, like.

    The word D** has still not been uttered in this household ('specially if Paw gets his way. I believe Muttie is working on it tho).

    Buddy, if you were to set up your own blog, I'd be your first fan.

    Yours, affectionately, The Milt xx

  14. Love Milton!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  15. Thanks Talli! Really luv your blog too. x


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