Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mac = Misery

Well now, it's been quite a week, or weekend...Jeez I'm all over the place.

I just couldn't figure out what the Muttie One was up to over the last few days. I mean, since Friday last week she's been regularly rubbing me with this old tee-shirt of hers (thankfully she'd washed it first). But why?? I couldn't figure out her reasoning. I mean, my days of circling the sides of the bath then falling in head-first are long gone (see previous pics) - my fur didn't need drying off. I now know how to conduct myself where baths are concerned.

But still, The Muttie persisted, every night...wipe, wipe, rub, rub. At one stage I thought she'd lost it. Well, let's face it, she's been leading up to it for months now. In fact, the moment I met her I privately placed her in the 'barmy' category.

All was revealed however on Sunday night when I came face-to-face with this hyperactive explosion of ginger fur:

Apparently he's my new 'brother.' His name's Mac and I don't like him very much. In fact, I HATE HIM. The reason Muttie kept rubbing me with the tee-shirt was that prior to meeting me she rubbed the ginger thing in it, and believed some sort of 'transference' would take place ie apparently cos the ginger thing smelled like me I'd think it was my offspring! Doh!! Just how much intelligence to humans attribute to cats??

Out of sheer curiosity (and immediate hatred)  I had a sniff at the ginger furball. Gads!! My instinctive (and I reckon intelligent reaction) was to rear my back, spit, hiss and growl. I then, showing my distaste, fled the scene.

Three days hence, he's still here.

Muttie spends her nights in the spare room with him and Paw cuddles up to me in the double bed.

Could cats cause relationship-anxiety??

Anyways, I don't want the Muttie and Paw to split up on account of my dislike of ginger furball so I've devised a plan to rid us of him once and for all. I will:

  • eat all his food so he'll starve to death
  • take him for some 'road sense' lessons, only forget to teach him the basics
  • introduce him to the neighbourhood fox
  • give him a bunch of lilly's to chew on
Any more suggestions welcome....

Your, not-particularly-friendly-Milt xx

PS The Muttie Woman says if I don't put a link on here to her PinkVox column then - in her words - "you think your life is bad right now - in terms of a kitten-conundrum - let's just see how much worse it can get." At this point, I realise life is a compromise and I'm willing to do whatever to get the old bat off my back. PS, the forthcoming text has no relation to my musings...


  1. My dear friend, from someone who has 4 sisters, here is my advise...give it some time, yep, believe or not the little booger will grow on you! Listen to the voice of experience...besides, he's pretty cute!

  2. Oh, we hope you guys will eventually be friends. Brian's right ... these things take time.

  3. Awwww Milton you adorable kitty!!! I just KNOW that underneath and buried deep inside your mancatly and gruff and cantankerous exterior beats the heart of a true mushy and candy filled sweet and jelly-like romantic and general soppy kitty who thinks that Mac is the best thing that his muttie and paw has ever done for him in this whole entire universe!!

    Oh yes!


    Take care

  4. Holly and Domino still hate each other's guts - 15 months on. They do gang up together against interlopers, though.

    I'd never heard of the t-shirt thing. I think your Muttie must be a bit unhinged ...

  5. Aw Milt. Hang in there, buddy. You will probably like the ginger furball eventually. He is a kitten, and therefore will be blamed for everything that is spilt or knocked over - you are in the clear!

  6. Ahh Milt..
    Hang in there buddy, if you'd like you could pop round here and show him a 'dog'... Damn I could see how that'd turn out! Naaa, I don't wanna be known as a murderer do maybe you'll just have to put up with hm... You are always welcome over here, even though Mistress doesn't approve of cats.
    Good luck mate!
    Jimmy :)

  7. Oh, I'm so very, very sorry Milt...what a bad turn of events for you! But I think you have a good strategy to fix the situation!! I'll look forward to hearing how you get on!!! And tell Muttie (Jill), dear, that in 3 years I'll be an empty nester and have time to launch that publication...and I'd love to partner with her then!!! :-)) Much love to you both!! Janine XO

  8. Count your blessings Milt, old boy - we brought a GOLDEN RETRIEVER home for our Jess (seven years on, she still bears a grudge)..

    I'm sure you two will grow on each other!

  9. Milton!! You made me laughed big time!!!
    Awww ... pls be nice to Mac!!
    You can teach him to play fetch! Or better still "kow tow" to ya!!

  10. Ah, Milt, how well I know of which you speak...

    The Terrorists at my house have completely taken over, and have also brainwashed my dear Ethel to the point that she doesn't even care what happens to me anymore. Oh, she comes into my room and cuddles with me and tells me she loves me, but then she picks me up and carries me into the living room where the Terrorists hang out and tries to FORCE friendship upon us. The gall!

    I think you have a very viable plan of action. Do let me know if it works for you, and if so, I may try some of your suggestions myself.


  11. Being an only kitty too, I understand your feelings. However, it sounds like the little yellow furball is there to stay... If your plans don't work, maybe acceptance wouldn't be so bad.

    Hope things improve.

  12. Milton, my cats can relate. They are having to accept a new "friend" Not all that friendly right now. When do you felines give it up and say "okay the interloper can live here?"

  13. Hey Milt,

    How's that ginger furball?
    Hang in there buddy!

    Love, Lucky

  14. Aw, poor Milt! It's hard to get used to someone new. Give the Ginger One a chance... might be better than you think, Milt.

  15. Hugs, Milt. But give it time - you may grow to like your new brother.

    Off to check Muttie's link.


  16. Just checking on you...hope all is well!!! Love, Janine XO

  17. I'm back and still following you. As per my latest blog post, I'm letting everyone that's in my following list know I still have them.
    We're checking in too, now that we're back online fully. How's the little guy doing? And has he grown on ya yet?

  18. Hope you are okay...thinking of you!! ~Janine XO

  19. Awh Milton I know exactly how you feel. I have an 11 year old Ginger tabby and a now 1 year old black & white semi long hair tom who had the same relationship problems, only it was the new tom who tried to eat all the food so that the resident ginger tabby would starve to death. Separation for 2 weeks and then brief encounters helped. It's taken the best part of a year, but harmony now reigns, just. Your blog post made me laugh aloud.

  20. Just popped in again to say I've awarded you a blog award. :O)

  21. Buddy!

    I miss ya!

    Love, Lucky

  22. Hiya Milt has been a long, long time since i last commented on your blog (or wrote my own) much 'family stuff' going on...but i noticed you had a new arrival in July..i feel for you matey i really do..i know how you feel..but you realize you will have to take the little ginger windger under your paw now ?..just like i did with MoMo?..i kid you not he is getting Huge !!..worries me coz he's still a wimp and brings home empty crisp bags and bits of paper..but at least i can keep my distance now, my jobs done, and he's bigger than me...So my street cred is once again improving..albeit very slowly...i hope we can start keeping in touch and you can let me know how you are getting on with that 'young un'..Lady and Jacey are good too...but you know these women..very hormonal..lady was hissing and spitting this morning..all i did was eat food from her bowl, I thought she had finished..apparently not !!..cats can't be bitches can they ?..I called her a crazy one anyway..with a bit of choice expletives as well..she is one mouthy female. Anyway Mily buddy i do hope we can pick up the illness's and family probs seem to have sorted themselves out..take car..Bailey.

  23. Hello Milton..its Baileys Mom here..just want to say i think 'Mac' is gorgeous and i'm sure he will grow on you...Bailey would hate it if he knew i was telling you this..but he does quite like Momo really..he lies in front of the fire with him and even gives him the odd lick, he's not as Macho as he would have you believe...but ssshhhh dont tell hom i said that. You are looking more handsome than ever by the way..hope to write again soon..Joy

  24. I think that’s pretty normal between them coz’ they’re in the adjustment stage. I’m sure they’d get along some time. Just give a few more days and they’d be alright, don’t you think? Anyway, both of them really look pawesomely cute! Hope to see more of your photos next time!

    from Cheryl Jones @PhD Degree Programs

  25. That was funny Milton! Don’t worry too much, I know that these two will grow on each other.


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