Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Miracle Cats and Me

This is my profile shot. Like it? Very 'smouldering' James Dean, I thought.

Other matters - Paw isn't very happy with me right now. He says I'm in disgrace (yeah, yeah). It's because I brought a mouse home last night. I had such fun chasing it about the livingroom. Muttie was giggling away watching me and Paw both dive for it at the same time. Him to free it and me to well...have fun and practice my not-inconsiderable hunting skills.

It's been a good week actually. I finally managed to corner Fatboy and give him a real bashing for eating my grub:

Meanwhile, Muttie keeps going on about this miracle kitty in our home town who fell 120ft and, amazingly, survived - thanks to the free veterinary skills of those marvels at the Glasgow PDSA clinic (Garfield's treatment would have cost owner Andrea $900 otherwise)!

Well, I've survived 11 months living with she-who-doesn't-have-time-to-do-any-housework. Don't I merit some kinda mention from Her Majesty's Press Corp?

Other news, Muttie's been commissioned to write a fortnightly humour column for an on-line magazine. More in later posts. The site is for 'go-ahead, intelligent women'. I'm a bit concerned about their recruitment process...Stilll, I'm looking forward to the burgeouning opportunities here seeing how Muttie regularly appoints herself Guest-Blogger on MY site!

M-m-m-m-Milton xx


  1. Oh Milton. I'd say you are more like Travis Bickle (ya lookin at me?)! LOL!

    Really, Milton! A mouse? I thought you had standards!

    I hope you allow marvellous Muttie to post links and stuff to this online mag that she's going to write for. Glad to know she has a sense of humour! Well she did giggle at that poor mousie - so it's kind of a er.. an acquired type of humour really!

    Anyway, I hope you and Fatboy are friends now.

    And thanks for that really sweet story of Garfield who is Sal Mineo to your James Dean!

    Take care

  2. Milton, you are very James Dean like!

    But please, don't torture the poor mouse! :):)

    Amazing that kitty survived!

  3. But Auntie Old Kitty - Travis Bickle is UGLY and I'm really good lookin'! I might let the Muttie woman post a link on my site, depending on how many tins of tuna she's prepared to come up with!
    Thanks Aunties Carole and Crystal :)

  4. are very handsome, a sort of Lawrence olivier look i think..glad you sorted that fatboy out!. Dont be too hard on Muttie, she probably has to work hard looking after you and Paw, and writing a column for an online mag as well, tell me about that so i can read it,she may even mention you in be kind,i know my kitties read your blog, and i want them to be kind to me..i think they look on you as a sort of role model..take care Milton..aunty Joy Baileys Mom xxxxxx :)

  5. Oh, thank you Auntie Joy :). Yes, I'm sure Muttie will post her online column on my blog (sigh). I'm so chuffed your kitties see me as a role model. I can't wait until their site is up too. x

  6. I love the profile shot. And congrats to Muttie on the column.

  7. Milton's quite a poser! And I mean that in a good way. :)

    Happy weekend Muttie and Milton!

  8. Hi again Milton,
    They are having a bit of a CATastrophe with the cats sight (dont tell them i'm telling you)..everything is set up..even the 'followers' gadget is there and a couple of Posts..but it will not show up on the blogosphere...dont know what is wrong??Wether its just a technical hitch or something more permanent..Have you got any ideas as to what the problem could be ??..i know you are a very Clever Cat...have a lovely weekend..Aunty Joy

  9. Sorry i meant cats SITE..i'm getting old milton X

  10. Hi Auntie Joy - I found your site! Love the pix.

    Milt x

  11. That is, indeed, a very handsome profile shot.


  12. You are so handsome! And congratulations to Muttie! That's fantastic! ~Janine XO

  13. Hello Milton, how very nice to make your acquaintance. I know Glasgow well, I lived there for a short time (smile). I'm curious as to what happened to your "toy"? That's impressive news about Muttie's up-coming regular column, I trust you will keep us posted?

  14. TBH, I htink you look VERY James Dean. :)
    You look even more handsome in this photo than all your other good 'uns, so you must have improved somehow.
    Congrats to your Maw. Hope she dont completely take over your blog, though I'd be happy to read a few of her umm, pieces.
    oOOoO! A mouse? Personally, I'm more for beef dinners but a mouse dinner would suit me just fine. Toooo bad your Paw happened to spot you with it. Maybe you should of held it captive for a while and hid it in a room where no one hardly ever goes. I mean, a mouse wouldnt last 5 seconds in my house.
    Anyway, gotttta dash Milt. I'll be checking back up on you now the nets fixed.
    Frankie xxx
    P.S No more talk about the puppy in my house. Maybe they've gone off the idea? xxx


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