Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cross Words...

Gads, I feel like a right ponce having to pose in front of these daffs in Muttie's back garden...

And for other reasons...I can't relax.

Muttie keeps peering at me with an expectant expression on her auld pus (Scottish for 'old face').

What? I shriek in cat angst.

"Do something interesting!" she demands. "I have a column to write and I need stuff to blether on about. I haven't been out the house for two days now 'cos I'm stuck with all this freelance stuff so unfortunately for us both, you're my singular muse."

Did I sign up to this when I agreed to let her adopt me? I don't think so. I believe free Dreamies, a nice, fluffy, woolly blanket together with the bathroom window laid open whenever I needed away from her (regularly) were the main bargaining points.

I mean, I give her purrs, head butts, I sleep on the end of the bed with her every night and only the other day there I delivered half a sparrow for her lunch.What else must a cute kittie such as moi give out?

She looks towards poor old Paw for material too. She's considered writing about his obsession with the Observer Crossword ie they can't go out the house on Sunday morning until he's completed it.

Well, they tried it once, went to this really beautiful olde-worlde academic town of St Andrews, wandered around the university cloisters, viewed the ancient ruined Abbey, then popped to the upmarket student cafe for lunch. Muttie was bowled over by the atmosphere of the place. And what does Paw do? He whips out his newspaper, even before the waitress has appeared, and demands:

"What do you reckon 3 Across is?"

Let's just say Muttie's reply didn't quite fit in the required blanks....

Milt xx


  1. I'm surethey didn't! Hopefully you were understanding Milt! ;-)

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  3. Awww Milton

    I hope Muttie gives you at least half the royalties she will make when she uses you as her muse and inspiration. You deserve that at least! Charlie says it is very hard to be interesting ALL the time especially when the human just doesn't get it!!

    I refuse to comment about the Starling. I only have one word for you:


    So anyway!! I do appreciate your Paw's obsession with the crossword - does he do the quick or cryptic one? I used to be obsessed with suduko but these days my old brain cells can just about finish half of the Saturday Guardian quick (ahem) crossword.

    Before I fall asleep.


    p.s. you look adorable and not at all girlie surrounded by beautiful pretty flowers!!

    Take care

  4. Hi Old Kittie :) He does the Cryptic one and baffles Muttie all the time with his explanations. She sometimes get the clues for him by 'guessing' and Gawds, he hates that!

  5. Hello Milton,
    Welcome new friend!! You are one very pretty cat!!
    Have you become a follower?? I will have to look. I
    I love new friends.
    Thanks for visiting. Keep smiling, Fern

  6. Milt Buddy..i LOVE it..its very Modern for Macho males to pose with a more genteel subject( like the bare chested male with the little Baby a while ago)..Ma used to love her age,Silly Tart !!..but you can see by your face you are not happy..its a sort of picture of contrasts, Macho grimace and a sweet daffodil...i like it Buddy, now IF you were sniffing it, like some female I would have been disappointed !!..but your expression managed to give an air of masculinity to the picture Milt.
    I know crosswords are a cause for a severe breakdown in relations in our house too..Ma ALWAYS says she knew the remaining answers but didn't get around to putting them in, and moans that some 'clown' as done it for her..Yeah like we all believe that..NOT !!!

  7. Ahh...the peril of living with a writer...EVERYTHING becomes potential writing material...sigh...poor you...but perhaps you will gain fame an fortune...I'm sure you will figure a way to work this to your advantage...You are so smart! ~Janine XO

  8. Blimey, what a mog has to do to earn his catfood, eh? I'm surprised you didn't shred the daff's before the camera came out.. that floozie of mine generally does (can't get anything over our fluffy, ginger Jessie)!

  9. Am currently working on a post about how exploitation is good for the soul - espially the souls of children, pets (sorry, Milt) and husbands. I'm sure I'll work out how...

  10. Aww Milt I sympathise, my mummy makes us pose for her too, but I just humour her so I get my favourite biscuits. Its a cats life!!!! Tilly (The Vintage Kittens cat)X

    Apologies for my naughty cat leaving a message, how did she manage to type that out? Shes left muddy paws on my laptop!!!! X

  11. Milton, I have to say thank you for signing up to my blog. There are some pictures on my latest post which may seem particularly appealing to someone with your interests. I hope you enjoy them.

  12. Chillax about the pic Milton - you still have enough of a hint of malice in that expression to make us all see that you haven't gone soft.


  13. I found you through KarenG's blog and I love your posts and pictures. Yippie, another writer to follow!

  14. You look splendid with the flowers - not at all poncey.


  15. Oh, Milt, you look just like a cat I had when I was smaller!

  16. Hello Milt! I so enjoyed reading this post - I can tell I am going to love your blog. :)

    I can just picture the expectant expression! I have two cats - the Ginger Whinger and the Naughty Tortie - and they usually save their amazing feats of derring-do for when I cannot find my camera. :)


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