Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Kitty Kunundrum

Oftentimes I ask myself...wot's going on up 'ere..?

 Then I see's it for myself. The Muttie woman is in entertaining mode.... On Monday her BF Sharon, from the sunny South of France and her kids (Skye and Gaia) came to visit...ahhh...

They spent the day catching up on womany-type gossip then went to the local park to feed the squirrels cheap bags of peanuts (altho I'm sure the squirrels couldn't tell the nutty stuff were half-price from Lidl's). They seemed to like them anyhows:

Anyways, I got so annoyed with the Muttie one and followers cos they wouldn't take me with them. I tried to 'act as one' with them but this big bruiser of a Mutt stood guard at the end of the street. And I'm a kitty who doesn't take any chances. So, I took out my aggression on this branch hanging thing that I know Muttie really treasures and which droops daintily down from her kitchen window:

She's not gonna ignore moi anymore!!

Milt the seriously-Maligned. xx


  1. Milton!!

    You should have dressed up as a squirrel or at least floofed up your tail like they do and developed a liking for peanuts. Especially ones from Lidl.

    Instead what do you do?? Fight a branch! Dear or dear or dear!!

    You must up the cute factor!! Do the big eyes and sad meow and droopy ears... go on, you can do this!!


    Awww but you're so cute already!

    Take care

  2. Love that last line and the last photo, thanks for the chuckle.

  3. Lucky & Bin say "thank you" Milton, daddy and mummie....

    Worry not Milt, you are zillion times cuter than that show-off squirrel...

  4. Super cute! One of our cats looks almost identical!

  5. Althtough I don't always comment, I wanted you to know that I love your posts and pictures. They brighten my day.

  6. Never fear...the novelty will wear off, and she'll be back ;-) Hugs, Janine xx

  7. Great pics Milt Buddy..love the last one..you look some angry Dude in that...You are much cuter than the squirrel, but you know that anyway..Bailey & gang x

  8. What an awesome cat!!! Beautiful! I have two of my own and love them to pieces! I look forward to seeing more!

  9. You are a cool cat Milton...where did you get that squirrel?

  10. I agree with Old Kitty, Milton dear. No one will listen to a branch-biter! Up the cute-factor, and things will go your way:)


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