Friday, 7 May 2010

Mountains and Mediation

What a lonesome week it's been. The skinny-ass'd one has hardly been home.

On Monday she and Paw went tramping up a mountain in an effort to reduce the circumference of Paw's gut so his trousers won't cut into him when he's sitting at his desk at work (he's a teacher for goodness sake, shouldn't he be poised - chalk in hand - in front of the blackboard, er whiteboard, most of the time anyways?!)

The lumpy structure they ascended is around 2,900ft high and called Ben Arthur. But everyone refers to it as The Cobbler because of its shape ie on the far right of its peak apparently you can see the cobbler, in the middle is his last and on the left is the wife supposedly nagging him to work faster (he must be related to Paw):

For once in Scotland, the sun was shining and it showed just how pretty our wee country can be:

Halfway up The Cobbler the parental combo encountered some snow and Muttie just couldn't resist the opportunity to pummel Paw (sigh):

The day before they'd gone for a walk to Eggie Park near Paw's place where they encountered a medieval bandstand. Thankfully Paw didn't have his g'eetar with him and peace reigned for the entire afternoon:

But hey, there's no piccies of me so far in this post. What was I thinking?! You lot must be so bored viewing all those scenic shots. So anyways, this is my favourite place to sit in Muttie's kitchen and means I can watch what Fatboy's up to without too much difficulty:

There's been a big ginger Tom hanging around our place for a few days now. Or at least it was until I returned. For the past two months now I've been spending two weeks at Paw's house then two weeks at Muttie's. I wish the Great Female Procastinater would just get organised and move into Paw's for good. He's dreading it of course cos she tends to be rather messy and she also has plans to 'modernise' his decor.

He gets really jumpy whenever she mentions Homebase or B&Q. She's threatened to ring up the local TV studios and offer his home as the backdrop for a 1950s sitcom unless he does something soon....I tend to saunter outside when this particular strain of conversation arises...I find it's best to be impartial in these matters and cowardly purr for both sides...

Milt, the Middleman xx


  1. Milton!!

    You're not a coward - you're just buttering both sides of your bread and not biting both hands that feed you!


    These are lovely scenic shots btw! Thank you so much for sharing these here. I particularly like the pic of the Cobbler. To me it should be called The half eaten Biscuit. Or The half eaten Cookie. It looks like some giant cookie monster took a bite out of it, realised it wasn't covered in chocolate and went off in a huff!

    Well I think so anyway!

    I hope that one day you will also be sharing your homes with Big Ginger Ale and FatBoy Slim!

    p.s are those Muttie's collander and er.. something that looks like a paddle... and are they ORANGE?!?!

    Take care

  2. Hee hee Old Kitty, yes, it does look like the cookie monster has taken a bite out of it. Maybe they should rename it: The Biscuit Bite.

    And yes, unfortunately you're right. These are ORANGE. All the accessories in Muttie's kitchen are ORANGE. It's an orange and white thing. There was a point where Paw screamed at her: "Enough orange!!"

    Milt x

  3. Well, the pictures certainly are great...especially yours!

  4. Milton I agree, it looks like a big bite was taken out!!! I love the name Biscuit Bite!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We love to see your pretty self and the other pretty pictures!! Thank you Milton thank you very much !!!
    XXoo, Fern

  5. It's a wise cat who works both sides of a conflict, Milt. It usually means double the cat treats if you're careful. Scotland is beautiful. Thank you for the pictures. When I visited your country, I didn't want to leave. :)

  6. Hey Milt Buddy,

    Wanna swap my GREENIES with your DREAMIES?
    Scotland is so, so pretty!!

    Love, Lucky

  7. Hello there Milton, very nice to meet you! So kind of you to stop by my blog - you look very busy!

    BH x

  8. Thanks for these pics Milt..I love Scotland, who needs to go abroad for wonderful scenery..i've visited many times, Muttie,Paw and your gorgeous self are so lucky to live there..Hey i'm with Muttie on this one about decorating, us women are the homemakers..and we have the most Taste (generally)..but your a very clever boy to remain Neutral..Love from Joy... Bailey, MoMo J.C. and Lady's Ma xxxxx

  9. Hi Milt Buddy..She (Ma) looked very sheepish when she moved away from the computer..then i realised, she had just commented on my blog again !!..that woman has to stick her oar into everything !! I agree with her comments on Scotland though, its lovely..i LOVE it when she disappears up there for a few weeks..SO peaceful, Jimmy looks after us and he just feeds us and gives us free reign..we can do what we like.!! What is it with these females and decorating ??..Pa said she was born with a tin of Dulux in one hand & a paint brush in the other !!..She moans "four years is a long time to have to live with the same walls"...I do the same as you Milt buddy, just go outside and commune with nature.. wait until the noise as calmed down and then be really fussy to them BOTH...they will break their little necks to be nice to you..and each wants to out do the other with goodies and treats for Moi..i just ham it up and wallow in the attention..ignoring the "well he is MY cat"..and "yes but its me he always comes to first" blabberings,.. after all I'm getting showered with treats from them both. I'm trying to teach Momo these simple tricks..but he is SO stupid..just runs up to Ma, and fusses around her legs, ignoring everyone else..great Pic of your lovely self Milt...Take Care Milt Buddy..from Bailey & Co x

  10. Hey Milt
    Benny the Ball may have seen me hanging around the bins between Lidl and KFC with my pals Fancy Fancy, Brain, Choo Choo and the boss TC. Of course we lead a great life now that Strathclyde Police have taken bobbies off the beat and officer Dibbles not around to chase us anymore. You should come over sometime!!! Great reading your Blog, first time Blogger on your site, so excuse and typos, not used to my wee paws on the laptop!!! Not sure about half eaten biscuits either, sounds a load of cobblers to me, anyway ive seen muttie in our road, usually with her head in a book, she doesnt look like the kinda girl would leave a half eaten anything lying around. Great pics by paw by the way, love the one of the hairy sasquatch in the snow, he should send that in to the huffington post, its worth miawllons. Think muttie should leave paw alone in his lovely decor, dont you? Otherwise call B & Q an get em to order in a couple of hundred spare litres of orange paint. Mutties favoutite you know, standing in her kitchens' like being inside a belisha beacon, your head starts spinning and then youre face down in yer litter tray!!!! Anyway must dash, love to muttie an paw, take care, Benny xx

  11. Your posts are wonderful!! I loved the hiking pics -- Hubs and the kids are taking me hiking tomorrow in the North Georgia mountains for Mother's Day. I can't wait!

    I left you a little award on my blog today!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. Milt, the Cobbler's one of my favourites. Tell the old girl that we should get walking sometime soon... and not just to the coffee and cake shop. Oh, and while we're at it, tell her get her big move organised, she knows it makes sense. x

  13. It looks lovely, and I'm sure you could have made it up to the cobbler much quicker than any of those people:) And the folly looks lovely! Now, let's hear more about this ginger tom! Is he friendly?

    I also have an award for you!

  14. You're so right, there's nowhere lovlier than Scotland when the sun's shining.


  15. Hi Milt,

    Thanks for stopping by, and for following our blog. :) We just started following yours, too!

    We like the pictures ... especially yours!

    Your pals at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  16. I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow, and I’m glad I did. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become one as well.

  17. No, not a coward...simply shrewd! I love that you are "purring for both sides!" You have a literary flair, my dear feline! You are so clever! Wonderful photographs, btw! All of them! Including of yourself...You are really rather striking! ~Janine XO

  18. Gorgeous pics! I love landscape / scenery shots way more than people happy snaps! Nice!

  19. I loved those pictures of Scotland. I have never been, but it is on my list of places to visit.

  20. Great pictures of Scotland! I was there a few years ago and fell in love with it. :)


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